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Is this the political age of easy answers?

(Originally published by the Guardian)

Jeremy Corbyn’s victory in the Labour leadership election on Saturday confirmed what many have suspected for some time: the political landscape is changing. Corbyn’s rapid rise from backbench obscurity to Leader of the Opposition is consistent with a global trend. From Podemos in Spain to Bernie Sanders in the US, all around the world mass movements are forming around leaders with political messages which are radically different from the status quo. 
Yet not everyone is convinced by ‘the new politics’ with some observers arguing that populist leaders are selling the public oversimplified slogans rather than providing proper solutions to complex problems. An enthusiastic debate in Manchester Central Library brought together four politically diverse panellists to debate for and against the motion:  This is the age of political easy answers.
Vanda Murray, business leader: Public faith in politicians has fallen to an all-time low. According to one

Campaigners crowdfund fees for crucial Supreme Court intervention

(Originally published in the Big Issue in the North)
A group of women campaigning against the law of joint enterprise have successfully crowdfunded their legal fees for a critical intervention in a forthcoming case at the Supreme Court. 
Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association (JENGBA) used the pioneering website, Crowd Justice, to raise over £10,000 for an intervention in the case of Ameen Hassan Jogee, whose appeal of his 2012 murder conviction will be heard by the Supreme Court in October.
JENGBA’s lawyers will seek to use the intervention to argue that the controversial joint enterprise doctrine has led to a number of miscarriages of justice and the excessive criminalisation of secondary participants in murder cases. 
Janet Cunliffe, a co-founder of JENGBA whose son Jordan is also appealing his conviction for the 2005 murder of Gary Newlove, said she hopes the intervention will lead to the law being amended:
“This is the first time we’ve had the opportunity to go to the Suprem…

Corbyn on verge of historic victory

(Originally published by Equal Times)
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As the UK’s Labour party leadership contest comes down to the wire, veteran left-wing member of parliament (MP) and surprise frontrunnerJeremy Corbynhas mobilised thousands of young people in support of his campaign. If he doesn’t make it to 10 Downing Street, his straight-talking anti-austerity approach has at least renewed youthful involvement in UK politics.
While those on the right of the Labour party warn that Labour under Corbyn could never win a general election, an opinion poll conducted in London by YouGov shows he is the most popular candidate among the wider electorate, with young people most likely to select him as their favorite choice for Labour leader.

George Aylett, an organiser for Corbyn’s campaign, told Equal Times that Corbyn’s popularity is the result of tapping into a widespread feeling of alienation from mainstream politics.

“The problem in politics is that so many young people have been put off by …