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Civil society faces global funding crisis

(Originally published by Equal Times) Translations: Spanish | French
Six out of seven people live in countries in which civic freedoms are under threat, according to a report by the global alliance of civil society organisations, CIVICUS.
The 2015 State of Civil Society report claims CSOs around the world face a funding crisis and have also been affected by attacks on freedom of expression in what CIVICUS chief executive, Dr Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah, describes as an “untenable situation.”
Head of Policy and Advocacy at CIVICUS, Mandeep Tiwana, told Equal Times CSOshave struggled to cope on the frontline of numerous major humanitarian emergencies over the past year, including the Ebola crisis and the bombing of Gaza:
“Although civil society organisations (CSOs) have been consistently proving their value in relation to global crises including humanitarian relief in disaster situations, conflict resolution, post conflict reconstruction and addressing the pervasive global democratic deficit,…

Five reasons Jeremy Corbyn is electable

(Published by New Internationalist)

Two months ago nobody predicted that Jeremy Corbyn's Labour leadership campaign would morph into the political movement is has since become. But while it looks increasingly likely that he willwin the contest, his detractors within the Labour party are growing anxious. Corbyn, they tell us, is unelectable and what Britain really wants is a (Blairite) centre ground politician capable of winning general elections. Here are five reasons why they are wrong:
Corbyn occupies the centre ground:Alistair Campbell recentlywarned Labour membersthat Corbyn is espousing "positions that the public just are not going to accept in many of the seats that Labour is going to have to win to get back in power." However, like many of Corbyn's Blairite detractors, he declined to mention which policies he was referring to. This is because Campbell and his friends are aware that across a range of key issues - including foreign policy, the economy and the na…