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Foreign judges fired for exposing East Timor corruption

(Originally published by Equal Times) Translations: French | Spanish
The Prime Minister of Timor Leste is coming under mounting international pressure from human rights organisations and legal bodies over his decision to expel foreign judges and prosecutors from the country.
On October 24, Timor-Leste's Prime Minister, Xanana Gusmao,persuaded Parliament to fire seven international judges and prosecutors who he alleged had caused the country to lose a tax evasion case brought against US Company ConocoPhillips which was contracted to export oil and gas.
However, a fresh report by the Northern Territory Bar Association (NTBA) – based in Australia - claims that the judges may have been expelled out of fear that they might otherwise have brought corruption charges against members of the Timorese Government.
Alistair Wyvill SC, author of the report, told Equal Times: “The precise nature of the proceedings against members of the Government is not clear. However,it is clear that