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High court to grant landmark inquest into nurse death mystery

(Originally published by the Big Issue in the North)
The family of a 41-year-old nurse from Stockport who died in 2005 are to be granted a fresh inquest following their investigation into the strange circumstances surrounding her death and relationship with the former head of ethics of the British Medical Association (BMA).
After an original inquest into the death of Carole Myers returned an open verdict, the Felstead family obtained her psychiatric and medical records which revealed she had undergone “recovered memory” therapy sessions on the NHS from the age of 21.
During these sessions she was given psychotropic drugs and was encouraged to believe she had been abused by her parents who she alleged were serial murderers and members of a satanic cult.
Her new memories also included claims that she had been abused by two members of the Tory cabinet at the Conservative party headquarters.
Although these allegations were later shown to be false, their accuracy was never questioned by t…

Changing the narratives: Exploring the psychology of climate change

(Originally published by New Internationalist)

Few climate activists were surprised when aYouGovpoll published in late September comfirmed what many already suspected: the British public are not particularly worried about global warming. A minority of 39% responded that they believed climate change posed a serious problem affecting the world as a whole compared to 61% for poverty and 77% for terrorism. When asked which issue they believed presented the gravest global threat only 6% of those polled selected climate change.
Contrast this with the words of UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon who, just two days after the poll was released,warnedthat humanity has never in its history faced a challenge greater than that of confronting climate change. “The human, environmental and financial cost of climate change is fast becoming unbearable,” he declared in his opening address to the UN climate summit in New York. A month later the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its m…