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Remembering Sri Lanka’s anti-Tamil pogrom of 1983

(Originally broadcast on Deutsche Welle English)

Thirty years ago, Sri Lanka witnessed a period of anti-Tamil rioting which would historically become known as Black July.

Up to 3,000 people were killed in the violence which spread across the country.

As a Tamil boy growing up in northern Sri Lanka, Gopi Ratman had little contact with other cultures and ethnicities. It was only when he began living and working in Colombo, the Sri Lankan capital, that he became aware of tensions between his country’s two largest ethnic groups.

Global action kit deployed to tackle HIV among port workers

(Originally published by Equal Times)
Translations: Español | Francais

Millions of port workers around the world have been issued with a new HIV/AIDS resource pack in attempt to stem the global spread of the epidemic within the maritime industry.

Published by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), HIV/AIDS and port workers – a resource pack for unionsis a prevention toolkit that aims to provide “strategies, facts and advice” for port sector workers.

ITF president and dockers’ section chair Paddy Crumlin said of the resource pack: “The ITF is an organisation representing the best interests of transport workers around the world; it would be impossible to fulfill that role without addressing the issue of HIV/AIDS. This is a union issue.”

The kit – which is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish – follows a 2011 global survey by the ITF which led to calls for union action in educating port workers on the effects of AIDS, and protecting those livi…

George Galloway: 'Only a fool has no regrets and I'm certainly not a fool'

(Originally published by the Big Issue in the North)

George Galloway looks as though he’s just rolled out of bed and into his constituency office in Bradford West. It’s 10am and I’ve just been informed the woman sitting next to me is booked into the same appointment slot as me. Wiping sleep from his eyes the Respect MP turns to introduce himself and swiftly resolves the problem. “Constituents come first,” he says wryly, and they disappear into his office for 10 minutes.
More than a year has passed since Galloway’s remarkable by-election victory here in 2012, yet glancing around the place one could be forgiven for thinking he’d moved in yesterday.The walls are almost completely bare - save for an out of date, heart shaped Hugo Chavez election flier and a notice board with a “boycott Israel” poster pinned to it.

Anyone who watched his appearance on Question Time in June will have noted that while the youthful looks which once earned him the nickname “Gorgeous George” have somewhat fade…