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Uncovered: BBC accused of exploiting young workers

(Originally published in the Big Issue)

Hugo Chavez: Reflections on a divided legacy

No leader who regards social justice and the eradication of poverty as incompatible with western imperialism can expect to escape the smears of his opponents, and to this rule Chavez was no exception. Often described as ‘divisive’, Chavez was nevertheless a staunch democrat who was venerated by poor Venezuelans, millions of whom were lifted out of poverty by his channelling of oil money into social programmes. Naturally, he was reviled by those who had previously benefited from decades of US intervention and market dominance across Latin America, and who saw his influence in the region as a threat to the natural order. 

Inspired by Simon Bolivar, the military leader who led Venezuela and several other countries to independence from Spain in the 19th century, Chavez’s vision was of a united and economically independent Latin America. He first came to public attention as an army officer in 1992, when he launched an unsuccessful coup against then president Carlos Andrés Pérez…

"The way internships work is severely broken" - Unpaid Internships and the Media