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Uncovered: Chile's homeless crisis

(Originally published by Equal Times)
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Local newspapers are not the only options for aspiring journalists

(Originally published by the Guardian)

Glen Keogh’s recent piece on the difficulties of pursuing a career in journalism in the north is one I sympathised with. As a Mancunion graduating with a postgraduate diploma in journalism last summer, I was always aware of the job market I would be stepping into – one with very little demand for traditional news reporters and hundreds of desperate graduates competing for the few positions available. 
Yet much of the advice given to aspiring journalists today is misleading and outdated. There is too much emphasis placed on doing as many unpaid work placements as possible in the vague hope of eventually landing that first job in local journalism. This was reflected in earlier posts by Glen Keogh and Grace Newton, and it fails to acknowledge the fact that the newspaper industry no longer has the resources to accommodate the number of graduates seeking employment there each year. 
Compared to their London counterparts, would-be journalists from the nor…