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Gloating about London's riches is not my idea of celebration

(Originally published in The Guardian)

Last year an advert appeared on the London Underground promoting – the winter holiday company. The poster included a quote from the company founder Anthony Collins, which read: "I have a dream of making skiing affordable to all … even Geordies."

To most commuters this message merely represented a failed attempt at humour. However, to others – particularly those from the north of England – it symbolised a growing trend among some Londoners to consider the disparity in wealth between London and the rest of the country a suitable subject for comedy. Predictably there was a backlash and the advert was subsequently removed. Case closed, or at least that is what one might have hoped.

Yet this month we were exposed to a further example of London pomposity, again in the form of advertising on the tube, only this time with a rather more sinister tone. Instead of snickering at the fact of London's superior wealth, a…