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Salford Knight Warrior plans to run for mayor

(Originally published by The Guardian)

A real-life superhero has announced he plans to stand as a candidate at the North-West’s first ever directly elected mayor elections in Salford on May 3rd.
19 year old Roger Hayhurst, better known by his alias the Knight Warrior, declared his intention to run for mayor after being spotted at Salford town hall picking up his candidacy papers.
Inspired by comic book heroes Batman and Superman, Roger has become a minor celebrity over the past two years, patrolling the streets of Salford and tackling anti-social behaviour dressed in his trademark blue cape and mask.
The part time gardener has also toured schools and recently pioneered a scheme to feed the homeless.
If voted in, he promised to use his powers to make Salford a safer place:
“I’d set up more neighbourhood watch schemes and use my experience to help combat crime in the area”
“I don’t know if I’ll win or not but I think I’ve got a good chance. It would be good to have a Mayor like me, a lo…

The day Bilbao invaded Manchester: A personal account.

In the context of world football Manchester United vs. Athletic Bilbao was not considered an especially important fixture. For me, however, it was hugely significant. This was a match I had been waiting to see for as long as I could recall, with both clubs representing two sides of my mixed heritage and competing for my support.
Raised in Manchester, I had grown up a United supporter, but through my mother’s side of the family also qualified as a fan of Athletic Club. Supporting Bilbao was neither fun nor fashionable, yet despite their limited success family members would often remind me of their merits; their policy of signing only Basque players, their record number of ‘Copas’ (Spanish FA cups), the fact they have never been relegated from the top tier of Spanish football.
The morning of the match I went to Old Trafford to interview Athletic fans. I asked for their thoughts on the match, its historical significance and their impressions of Manchester. Nobody I spoke to was old enou…